Friday, 28 September 2012

Jesus Henry Christ... and Moonrise Kingdom

I saw the two films weeks apart, but somehow I think they're a bit similar, and I like them both.

I guess they're similar in that both films are about adolescent characters who are not understood. In Jesus Henry Christ, it's Henry and his half-sister Audrey. They're both vastly different from their peers and often feel very alienated until they find each other (or realise each other's existence). In Moonrise Kingdom, of course it's the adorable Sam and his love Suzy, both of whom are outcasts in their family / group. The films also resemble each other in that both are filmed in a light-hearted comical way, with an almost surreal style. The retro touch is ingenious in Moonrise Kingdom - it makes the film so much more enjoyable. Highly recommended. 

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