Thursday, 26 July 2012

Other Taiwanese food... :P

There's sooooo much to eat in Taiwan. Basically, every time I go, I come back with a big belly and I'm at least 10 pounds heavier. (Joking... or not?)

Some night market snack called 'sweet not spicy'... I don't get it... hahaha

Chicken and noodles

Braised minced pork with rice - standard stuff in Taiwan 

Bitter gourd soup - a Taiwan speciality!

Some braised pork dish... can't remember what it's called

Braised pork chop, pork mince, tofu, hard-boiled egg... 

Du Hsiao Yueh's famous Tan Tsai Noodles

Noodles in hot pot 

Marinated duck kidney

Marinated tofu roll

Fried egg roll

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Brine chicken

Seafood dinner... stir-fried seafood... hmmmm not really my thing! 

Crab clay pot 

Seafood soup 

After-dinner dessert 

Brekkie turnip cake 

More brekkie items! 

Hakka mochi

Hakka brine chicken - soooo yum! The skin's not fatty at all but full of gelatin! 

Hakka pork belly with preserved veg

Grilled pork belly slices

Some fish dish... can't remember

I just knew I had to try this. 

Pineapple, bitter gourd and chicken soup. Sounds weird but it's quite a famous dish, and it's quite nice. I have definitely tried it before...

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