Thursday, 26 July 2012

My favourite Taiwanese drinks and desserts

I'm a BIG fan of bubble tea. No, I'm a HUGE fan of bubble tea! Nowhere can compare to Taiwan, the origin of bubble tea, when it comes to the variety and taste of authentic bubble tea! (Okay, this is kind of rubbish.) Too bad we stayed not long enough there, and I couldn't visit all the bubble tea places on my list. One day, one day...

(And sometimes I forgot to take pics of the bubble tea, so here are just some of them...)

Taiwanese desserts like taro dumpling and grass jelly are also my favourite! I can eat them all day...

Grass jelly with taro dumplings (sweet), eaten with evaporated milk. YUM YUM YUM!!! 

Mango ice. What is not to love??? 

Some regular iced milk tea 

Chunshuitang's original bubble tea. Didn't pay a visit to their store this time, but it's now available in Taoyuan International Airport! :D 

Another bubble tea drink I love - yakult-flavoured bubble tea with grapefruit (real fruit!) and bubbles. <3 

Can't remember the name of this but it's got pineapple (real fruit!) in it. GREAT TASTE :D

Stumbled upon this tofu dessert place when we were driving and saw a queue outside. Decided to park and get some to see how great their tofu dessert is! 

In Taiwan, their sweet tofu dessert is mixed with a variety of food including beans and sweet dumplings. I chose two 'toppings': taro dumplings (the brownish cube) and 'cui yuan' (the pink cube, meaning 'crunchy dumpling' but it's not crunchy AT ALL...) This tofu dessert is REALLY YUMMY!!!!!! The tofu is a bit firmer than the tofu sweet soup in Hong Kong, but it's still silky smooth. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

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