Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fooding in Taiwan, June 2012

Went on a short trip to Taiwan last month. Having been to Taiwan for so many times, there's actually nothing that's particularly new to me, all I wanted to do was to eat, eat, and eat...

This post is a taster; I'll first post some obligatory night market food pics... :) stay tuned!

Sausages are big in night markets, you can't miss them! 

Huge pig trotters... 

Seafood's not on my night market menu, sorry! 

'Lian yuan', uncooked cold dumplings (sweet, a bit like mochi). The ones in the background are cooked 

Marinated duck feet, a must-have in Taipei

Too bad I couldn't find my favourite pink guava on this trip!!! :( 

My Taiwanese friend recommended a drink called 'Frog mixed with milk'. Basically it's tapioca pearls in syrup mixed with fresh milk. It's yum!!! 

Who can resist these little cuties? 

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