Thursday, 26 July 2012

Dumplingsssss in Taiwan

As we went for a short trip only, there wasn't enough time to eat at all the placesssss I had on my list. :( Luckily we still managed to consume LOTS of dumplings during those few days! Here are some of them... dumplings are so nice to look at, aren't they? :P

The obligatory xiaolongbao - the standard ones! 

Some (steamed) veggie dumplings 

I have no idea what they 'actually' are, I vaguely remember them being called 'Su shi (not sushi!) tang bao' or something like that (my Mandarin's not good at all...), and they're just regular dumplings which are kind of like xiaolongbao, just in a different shape... 

Xiaolongbao with crab meat (?) - quite a bit pricier than the regular xiaolongbaos, but a lot better! (Though the shape's a bit funny...hahaa) 

Pan-fried dumplings (guotie, as they're called in Mandarin)

More steamed dumplings
These were eaten at a breakfast place and they don't say it's xiaolongbao, though they look like xiaolongbao anyway... (I honestly can't tell the difference... is there a difference???) 

Okay, these aren't dumplings, but they're 'similar' anyway! Haha!
Steamed 'siumai' (or 'shaomai' in Mandarin)

More steamed dumplings (don't ask me what's different... I don't know...) 

Pan-fried dumplings (again, don't know how they're different from the 'guotie' featured earlier...) 

Are you fed up with dumplings yet? :D

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