Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Raid - sooooo good I couldn't believe it!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a big fan of action films. Call me whatever you want, but I think action films are mainly for guys, so I wasn't super excited to see this one. But I'm so glad I saw it! It's so good 'as an action film', though (or precisely because?) it's super bloody, literally. I was covering my ears and squinting my eyes throughout those 100 minutes, but still I have to say it's a really good one, though I just couldn't take in all that bloodiness and violence! And after the film when we were walking out of the cinema, I felt like I had done a whole day's manual work and I was totally knackered... soooo tense, I could fall asleep right there!
Iko Uwais has been compared to other famous kung-fu stars in Asia and he's really good.  There's one thing I don't understand about the film though; basically it centres upon the corruption in the Indonesian police force, and I'm not sure why / how such a film can make it so big internationally without the Indonesian government's censorship! Or perhaps it was banned in Indonesia and is only sold overseas? No idea...

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