Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Love in a buff 春嬌與志明

Sequel to Love in a Puff which I also like. Super, super realistic, and super Hong Kong, despite the change of setting from Hong Kong to Beijing. I love how unapologetic it is in depicting the Hong Kong dating reality, as it is a much, much better rendition than the controversial telly 'documentary' Bride Wannabes (盛女愛作戰) about HK spinters recently. There are actually too many similar themes touched upon in both Love in a Buff and Bride Wannabes, but the former succeeds in depicting reality without being crude. After watching the trailer I was pretty upset that while Chi Ming has found a much younger and sexier girlfriend in Beijing, Chun Giu is 'allocated' to a middle-aged bold guy who's far from attractive. But of course that's part of the reality, too, and after seeing the film I think it's totally justified. Of course, it's still sad...

While Love in a Buff is realistic in depicting the cruelty in the HK dating scene, the ending is still, in my opinion, borderline fantasy. *Spoiler alert* The fact that Chi Ming goes back to Chun Giu isn't realistic at all, and I dare say it doesn't happen 99.99999% of the time in such cases. Love is all it counts and age and looks don't matter? ... Dream on!

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