Wednesday, 7 March 2012

KONY 2012 - spread the word please!

The (main) purpose of this blog is for me to record bits and pieces of my life, and of course, it's great when some of these posts help people choose what they wanna see / do. But today's post is a 'spread the word' post, and it's slightly different from other posts in that I do hope everyone who's reading this will repost it somewhere - on facebook, or your personal blog, in your emails to friends - because this is really important to the world.

This video Kony 2012 is a little long for a clip, because it's actually a 30-minute short film made to raise awareness of the horror Joseph Kony has brought to the world. Though it's a little long, it's well worth watching - and reposting.

I saw the film Machine Gun Preacher some time ago and it's based on the life of the American preacher Sam Childers and his work in Uganda against Joseph Kony and his LRA. (Watch the video above and you'll know what exactly I'm talking about.) It really opened my eyes to the misery and daily struggles faced by some people in the world who are a lot less fortunate. The fact that a group of people (Invisible Children) have dedicated and sacrificed their time and money on the meaningful cause of getting Kony caught is very moving - and as it's said in the video, although we always think we're small and cannot make a change, the fact is we can.

Do the world a favour, spread the word NOW.

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