Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Houdini Experience by Hans Klok and company

Believe it or not I had never seen a live illusion / magic show in my life. My parents would take me to shows, but they would be those kiddie shows especially for children, you know, with really childish stuff... I'm not complaining but magic / illusion show had never been on the agenda. I guess it has to do with the fact that they always feature sexy or provocatively dressed women, and that's not my parents' idea of good shows for children. :P

Anyway, so I saw my first illusion show last night, in my late twenties. ;) I guess I don't rate it top notch because I'm no longer that young, and, like most people, I have seen many of the 'tricks' on telly for countless times already. Still, it's a great experience to see those absolutely astonishing and unbelievable tricks played in front of you...

Hans Klok talked a lot during the show, which was fine, and he tried to explain the Houdini part of the show as well. Apparently I had never heard of Houdini before, and those who are like me can go here for the wiki version of what this legendary magician is all about. I guess we probably shouldn't compare Hans Klok's show with Houdini's different experiments, as the show's just a glimpse into the mysterious world of Houdini's. I was particularly impressed by the acrobats' shows, especially that of the Chinese acrobat (sorry I didn't catch his name). I know there are lots of such acrobats, especially in a country like China, but that doesn't make him less amazing! There was also a couple performance (again, I don't remember their names) and that one's also absolutely stunning, if not a little inappropriate for children (or, was I thinking too much? :P ). All in all it's a really great experience and I think illusion shows are definitely worth going to, at least once in a life time.

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