Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Young Adult

Phew. I haven't written anything here for quite a long time - there was Christmas, which was massive, and then I was busy with work... so here I am again. I saw a couple of films and theatre performances but I don't really remember them that well now. :P

Anyway... so I saw Young Adult. It totally reminds me of Bridesmaids - it's not as highly acclaimed as Bridesmaids was but it's been praised as this superbly funny dark comedy with excellent performance by Charlize Theron. Both films have this middle-aged female protagonist who seems to be a failure in so many ways, and both are quite unlovable (and it's not hard to figure out why). The thing that's hard to understand is how these films can actually be considered funny... to be honest, they are similar in my opinion because both bored me to death. We don't need really interesting characters who lead really interesting lives in films (though that would surely spice things up a bit), but you just start asking why you're seeing this boring person's life on the big screen - it's a mess and it's not thought-provoking and there doesn't appear to be a change, let alone a transformation, in this person's outlook in the whole film. It's just boring, as simple as that. Charlize Theron may be a good actress but what is one to do when there's a boring script?

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