Friday, 16 December 2011


Apart from the big names I don't see why this film's worth seeing at all - Michael Fassbender is good but I personally don't think much of Carey Mulligan in this one. Of course the film's about a sexual addict but I still find the sex scenes a bit excessive and too graphic - sometimes, the line between erotica and porn is really thin. I also find the whole 'plot', if there is one to speak of, quite puzzling - we never find out why Brandon suffers from this addiction and why it seems that both siblings lead chaotic lives. Brandon's especially - he has a good job, is financially affluent, lives in a nice apartment in NYC... what exactly makes him the pervert (I do think that kind of addiction makes him one) he is? His addiction is so serious he has almost lost his mind (and his sister) because of it. It's just sick - and you just find yourself seeking an explanation throughout the film and failing to find one.

BTW, I know Carey Mulligan's hot cake and all that, but her singing isn't all that great - why do we have to listen to that not-so-great song for so long? I almost fell asleep. I wanted to appreciate it but I couldn't, and when she's praised after singing I found myself asking almost out loud 'Seriously?'. Maybe it's just me... but Shame just doesn't strike a chord.

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