Friday, 30 December 2011

The Importance of Being Earnest @ The Old Red Lion

A thoroughly enjoyable production. I had never been to the Old Red Lion before and was surprised to find that it's actually a pub cum theatre - so you can expect a very small but cosy theatre. There's no stage to speak of, the actors are just acting right in front of you, which I think is a great thing - I remember a similar setting at Hampstead Theatre (for the production .45) and it's a brilliant performance. Perhaps I really like being close to the actors...

There's no need to introduce Wilde's famous play, but of course this is a slightly modernised version of it (characters have iPhones and stuff). Despite that, it's still very much Oscar Wilde with all the witty remarks, which is perhaps why it's so enjoyable. It's a very lovely production and I'll surely be back for future performances!

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