Friday, 9 December 2011

'13' @ National Theatre

National Theatre is actually not that familiar to us - we are more used to the West End theatre scene, so it's an interesting experience. I didn't know before going that there are three theatres there, and quite a lot of space in the area for people to mingle, which is what you don't get in the West End.

13 is a modern play set in present day London, and most of the characters in the play seem to be having the same nightmare when they sleep. The different sets of characters seem to be totally unrelated at first but slowly you see they're all related, as the plot unfolds. Current affairs (London riots, nuclear threats in Iran) and social networking trends are drawn on, but to be honest I still don't see what all these have to do with the common bad dream. To be honest I fell asleep when the PM and the Messiah-like John were having their long chat. I simply couldn't help it - and similarly, towards the end of the play I could hardly suppress my cough; it's just really embarrassing. Overall the play is interesting but it's way too long in my opinion - it's a bloody 2 hours 45 minutes (intervals included)!

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