Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Machine Gun Preacher

Saw this quite a while ago and never got round to writing about it. The film had quite an impact on me because being the ignorant me I had no idea there are still so many civil wars going on in Africa. After seeing the film, I kind of understand why there are countless numbers of Africans seeking asylum here, because life back in that place is simply unbearable. Of course, I'm not saying that certain countries have / don't have the obligation to receive refugees, as this is an all-too-complex issue, and in a way it is the ambiguity of the issue which highlights how selfless Sam Childers is. When you're living a carefree life, and in Childers' case, a better and corrected life in the grace of God, few would contemplate abandoning it all and going to dangerous foreign places to rescue people. While his approach of defending the Sudanese people may be questionable (machine gun?!), his intentions are noble.

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