Sunday, 20 November 2011


To be honest, plot-wise there's nothing much too interesting to write about, so I'm just gonna jot down a few random observations / personal anecdotes here:

Has it ever occurred to you that friendships like that between Adam and Kyle in the film hardly exists in real life? I mean, you are such good 'buddies' that other relationships in your life are kind of sidetracked and your 'buddy' is the most important person in your life, whether you're in a romantic relationship or not. Sometimes I really wonder if it's just me, or that these friendships are just 'invented' to make all of us feel bad about ourselves! Well, what I actually wanted to say is that I wish I had a friend like that...

Anna Kendrick did a good job with Katherine the PhD student there. She feels so 'real', it's almost like she's not acting and she's really one of those PhD students who collect data from patients for their thesis without really thinking about what those people are going through.

And then there's of course the overbearing but endearing mother of Adam's. She's hilarious in her protective ways, but you quickly sympathise with her - she isn't born like that, life has forced it on her. Which reminds me: shouldn't we all walk in others' shoes before judging them?

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