Friday, 23 September 2011

'Malaysian Night' @ Trafalgar Square

Today we went to the 'Malaysian Night' at Trafalgar Square. There were quite a lot of food stalls and the food seemed yum!!! My only complaint is that the portions seem to be on the small side...

Some pictures!

I have no idea what these are... 

...and these! @_@ I'm so ignorant! 

Some VIP visiting the stalls 

There's this guy showcasing his watermelon carving talents. He's super enthusiastic - almost a bit scary. HAHAHA.
BTW, what does Spiderman have to do with X-factor? 

Whole jackfruit for sale!!! It's 66 quid... @_@ 

Honestly, I find this rather scary. Are these leftover stock from the Beijing Olympics? 

I'm kinda scared by this 'binchotan charcoal noodles' too. Didn't know binchotan charcoal is edible... @_@ 

Some other watermelon art - btw, The Lion King 3D is in cinemas soon! 

This one's not that impressive... 

Melon-carving man with VIP somebody

Traditional dance on stage - very traditional I would say, I wonder if they really still have these in Malaysia, I mean as a normal kind of entertainment? I always find it odd when Hong Kong's promoted here and there are 'face-changing' performances and dragon dance... I mean, in Hong Kong they only have dragon dance in Chinese New Year, and 'face-changing' is actually a Sichuanese thing if I remember correctly, nothing to do with Hong Kong! 

I got henna some time ago too, but for free! 

Lots of Malaysian sweets... funny they admit it's 'unassuming in looks'

Malaysian peanut pancakes

I have no idea what those white lantern-looking things are in Malaysian culture, but white lanterns... hm... in Chinese culture they are only used when somebody's died...hmmm...

Oooops that's a lot of pictures! :)

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