Thursday, 1 September 2011

Love, Wedding, Marriage

You can see from the poster that the film's by the producers who made Mamma Mia and My Life in Ruins. I didn't know it before I saw the film, but I think knowing it would make the film even more disappointing than it already is. The plot isn't that bad, but it isn't exactly interesting: the psychologist daughter of a middle-aged couple on the verge of a divorce tries desperately to save her parents' marriage, at the same time neglecting her own new marriage. Well, we don't always have brilliant plots and it's totally fine when the actors and the script are good enough, but this is not the case in Love, Wedding, Marriage. Some of the conversations are the most awkward and boring I have had for quite a while (reminding me of Bridesmaids that everyone raves about), and Mandy Moore, the lead, simply can't act. She makes her character totally obnoxious - or perhaps that shows she can act? I really can't stand the sight of her in the film. The other characters are all better, so I honestly don't know why she's the lead. The ending where the young couple reconciles also ruins the message the whole film's trying to convey - their relationship seems so shallow and stupid, built only on sex! All in all, a real disappointment. 

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