Friday, 30 September 2011

Love in Space (全球熱戀)

No one actually expects a lot from films like this, but some parts of this are quite good! I especially like the stories between Johnny (Eason Chan) and Lily (Lunmei Kwai), and Wenfeng (Boran Jing) and Mudan (Angelababy). Of course, these relationships probably don't exist in reality (superstar and coffee shop boy?), but I like how the relationships develop - it's the little things that count.

Like most Hong Kong films in recent years, there's a mix of Hong Kong actors and Chinese / Taiwanese ones for the 'market balance'. I like how the Hong Kong actors still get to speak a bit of Cantonese, though of course they still have to 'flaunt' their less-than-perfect Putonghua with interacting with other actors, hahaha. Aaron Kwok's Putonghua is especially bad among the set - almost reminds me of Louis Koo!

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