Monday, 12 September 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

It's Mid-Autumn Festival today... another year not celebrating at home.

We had an early 'celebration dinner' (not really..) last night, with grilled meat. I didn't know barbecue's a popular activity for Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan until a good friend of mine who's married to a Taiwanese mentioned it on Facebook. Interesting - I didn't know, but I also prepared 'barbecuesque' meat (for grilling) a few days ahead, albeit a bit Korean-influenced...

Beef marinated with sauce for kalbi

Pork marinated with doenjang, spicy sauce and sesame oil

Banchan X 2, plus sides for grilled meat

Banchan: spinach and beansprouts (super easy Korean appetisers and I love them!)

The grilling had to be done indoors coz it was raining outside! :( 

Dessert: snowy mooncakes we got from an Asian supermarket. I'm not a fan of mooncakes, and I don't particularly like snowy mooncakes either... :P 

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