Saturday, 13 August 2011

Stratford upon Avon

Went to Stratford upon Avon yesterday - can't believe I had never been there before, as a 'literature girl'! :) Well, I was never a Shakespeare fan anyway, I prefer more modern stuff. Didn't think it's interesting to visit a famous person's home...and I was right, it's not that interesting. :P

Visited Shakespeare's birthplace (the house he's allegedly born in, but no one's 100% sure!), Nash's Place (New Place) and Hall's Croft only, as we ran out of time towards the end of the day and didn't want to walk 40 minutes to Anne Hathaway's cottage (and to me, it's just another cottage...nothing special I suppose?).

Totally a photo-heavy post!

These are so cute - and that guy's really proud of them! He grinned like a Cheshire Cat when I took a photo.. (not this one)

Shakespeare's birthplace, after all these years..

Get all Shakey! 

The Bard
Garden of his house

Lovely :)

Sometimes these made-in-China thingy are quite cute.

The jester figure's just too cute.

Apparently the people in Stratford upon Avon really love gardening, and flowers. You see so much more flower arrangements than in London! 


Excavation work taking place

Ah, A Midsummer Night's Dream... (had to explain the story to S)

I think you can guess what this is for

In some places there are corners for children who may become too bored with all that Shakey...
Interesting :) 

Holy Trinity Church, where Shakey's buried
Shakey and his wife Anne's tombs

Lovely touch - see how they're named!

I thought of something else when I saw this... 

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