Sunday, 21 August 2011

Salted egg dishes - egg yolk-coated prawns (Golden Prawns) + veg

I love salted eggs. I didn't love salted eggs. I think my appreciation and love for Asian food's increased with age. *wink*

Salted (duck) eggs are essentially a Chinese delicacy. I still cannot appreciate the beauty of century eggs, but I've always 'accepted' salted eggs, so I guess for non-Chinese salted eggs may also be more easily accepted. I heard it's easy to make your own salted eggs too, though it would require quite a bit of time and I have yet to carry out that experiment.

The egg yolk of the salted egg is prized - it is worth a lot more, and can get really expensive around Mid-Autumn Festival when Chinese cake companies require a large quantity of salted egg yolks for their moon cakes. The egg white is mostly disregarded, and most recipes ask you to toss away the white, but I thought it's a waste and used it in a Chinese veg dish - veg in chicken stock with wolfberries and salted egg white.

Golden Prawns
You need:
3 salted egg yolks
500g of fresh king prawns
Garlic mush

What I got from an Asian supermarket - you need 3 salted egg yolks for 500g of prawns.
I miss how salted eggs are covered in charcoal - that's how they're sold in wet markets. 
Separate the yolks and the whites -
You can tell just from the look of the yolks that the right one's a lot nicer than the other two.  Supposedly, the more orange it is, the better. 

Steam the yolks for 15 minutes

Mush them
Steam 500g of king prawns
The traditional way of making 'Golden Prawns' is to coat the whole prawns (including shell) with egg yolk. However, that way they are inconvenient to eat and often the egg yolk and prawns cannot be eaten at the same time, so I thought I'd remove the shell of the prawns first. 

After 15 minutes

Remove shell

In a pan, fry some garlic, then add the mushed salted egg yolks. 

Add the prawns, and fry a bit more (about 5 minutes). 

Veg in chicken stock with wolfberries and salted egg white
Blanch some pak choi

...and some broccoli
Cook some dried wolfberries (available in Asian supermarkets) in chicken stock for 15 minutes. Then add the veg to the stock.
Pan-fry the salted egg whites with a little bit of oil - do not add anything else as it's very salty already. Add about 1/2 an egg white on top of the veg.


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