Saturday, 13 August 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This, of course, is not the original poster of the film, but I thought it really apt to describe the context in which I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes. A few days before the release of Rise I saw Project Nim, a documentary about a chimp being brought up by humans for a 'scientific' project. Although one is a commercial blockbuster and one is a documentary, I have to say there are really a lot of striking similarities between them. In both films, the chimp(s) is/are brought up by loving humans, but later in life they're taken away from the ones who love them and are exploited badly. In turn, they become violent and angry.

Some people have commented on how horrible the chimps are, how they're reckless and scary, but honestly, I feel so sorry for them. All that they've become in the film are the result of human exploitation and nothing else - unlike the rioters in London! Of course, some people (and the looters themselves of course) have been talking about rubbish like how these people are at the bottom of the social spectrum, how they're the hopeless and neglected ones in society, and how they are the result of social inequality or deprivation. But seriously, to me this sounds like a big pile of rubbish. They're not, like these people like to suggest, the 'victims' of society; there has never been equality in the world, and not being equal to people who have more than you do doesn't mean you're exploited, used, neglected, and therefore justified in doing whatever sh*t you do. And what about the innocent people they are exploiting in the riots? Those people are the true victims. And don't get me started on how some looters are now identified to be university graduates, professionals, and one person's actually an Olympics ambassador. Just don't tell me any more bullshit about social inequality.

*Don't know why this post has turned out to be about the riot...! Ooops!*

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