Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Hour (BBC)

It's over. The Hour is over.

I'm totally aware that The Hour's been criticised locally and has not exactly lived up to the expectations of the British audience, and the original hype when it's compared to Mad Men. (Honestly, I cannot appreciate the beauty of Mad Men...couldn't even finish the first season!) In a way, I agree that it's not particularly good, but if / when the second season comes out I'm still gonna watch it!

Personally I find six episodes too short for anything to really develop. It's good (?) that at the very beginning there's already a death, and the following episodes are spent (partly) on solving that case, which makes it more engaging and captivating. But like I said, six episodes aren't enough - in the end, we're 'told' by the characters what the real identity of everyone involved in the 'murder' is - and to me, that's almost the worst kind of 'development' and the laziest kind, really. If there were more episodes I believe it would have been less awkward.

Having said that, I found Ben Whishaw and Romola Garai really good. I've always quite liked Whishaw (of his performances in Bright Star and Brideshead Revisited in particular) and Garai's of course brilliant in Atonement (I have yet to see her in I Capture the Castle - should have a long time ago!).

BTW... did you know that Garai's born in Hong Kong and raised in Hong Kong and Singapore? :)

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