Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Enchanted Palace @ Kensington Palace

I had wanted to go see 'Enchanted Palace' at Kensington Palace for a loooong time. This special exhibition's been there for ages, and after first learning about it from Style Bubble's blog I had wanted to go, but there's always something else more interesting (?) so I never had the time! So we finally went today... with lovely weather (almost TOO hot but I shouldn't be complaining should I!) everything's just a lot lovelier. :)

I didn't expect much before going, though I did play with the palace's website last night and I must say it left me completely clueless. The website's quite confusing - though I do think they've put in a lot of effort there. I was thinking perhaps the focus would be on the gowns, as Style Bubble did talk about the clothing there, but when I was there I actually didn't feel fashion's the highlight. Basically, the exhibition's about 7 English princesses who lived in Kensington Palace, and through the rather modern light works and installations you get to know more about each of them. In each room, there's a poem (which is available in different languages) about a particular princess, and with that you can get to know more about that princess. Everything's rather modern, with light works and different recordings / visuals, and personally I find this a lot more interesting and rewarding than normal exhibitions where you go into a room and just look at all the paintings and furniture. 

Really nice weather, the pic doesn't do it justice

Outside the palace...cute installation

We all have some secret regrets, don't we? 

A room of sorrows - about Princess Mary

Bottles 'containing' all her sorrows (mostly about her miscarriages)

In each room about a particular princess there's a poem about her - nice touch! 

Another princess - I saw Vivienne Westwood's name down under the stairs, so I'm wondering if the gown's designed by her?

Trapped. Basically, it seems that all the princesses are trapped in some ways. 

This is really cute! 

Lost Childhood... experienced by three different princesses

This room's rather unrelated to the theme of the exhibition - about war

I rather like the small exhibits at the entrance - most people miss them coz they're just at the entrance / exit and people come and go without noticing. They all capture something / someone being trapped and being lonely - and I think it fits the (hidden) theme of the exhibition aptly. 

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