Saturday, 6 August 2011

Childhood memory: crunchy mallow bars

My mum and I used to make this when I was a child. We would use rice krispies, but really, any unsweetened cereal would do! It's just super easy to make...and makes a good snack! 

For one person: 50g cereal (I used weetaflakes; smash them!), 15 big marshmallows (I used Haribo's as that's all I could find; a mistake!!! I'll talk about why below), 1-2 tbsp butter 

Melt the butter, then the marshmallows

Looks horrible... (make sure it's low heat)

Now it's better - and it smelt super sweet! I knew something's wrong... I used to use white 'unflavoured' marshmallows but I couldn't get them here, so I used Haribo's pink marshmellows...they taste okay but when cooked they smell very strawberry-ish which is not what I want!

Anyway...when everything's melted, put in the smashed flakes (smashing is really important!)  and stir until well coated.  (I didn't do very well here!)

Put the mixture in a rectangular container and press hard! Let it cool. 

Cut into smaller pieces. 
I wish I had used regular marshmallows - but I seriously couldn't find any! Some may like the strawberry flavour but I don't... also, the portion's too small (only enough for one person's afternoon tea)! 

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