Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher's been showing here for a month now - and I've only just seen it! My teacher friends in Hong Kong are saying it's showing on 1st September and they're all gonna see it after the half day school... hahaha.

Of course Cameron Diaz's teacher is an exaggeration (or, perhaps such teachers do exist?!), but some bits in the film do remind me of the old days - how some teachers like to go to the P to complain about everything, how some teachers like to frame others, how some teachers wear inappropriate clothing to work, how some teachers don't teach and only show movies in class, how some teachers like to cheat so their class get better results in exams... ALL THESE HAPPENED IN MY PREVIOUS WORK PLACE, NO JOKE. So while it's hilarious seeing all those in a film, it also reminds me of the bad ol' days...

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