Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Random IPhone apps I've been using

I'm not a tech savvy kind of person, and my interests are really stupid sometimes, so this is not a guide or anything, just some random sharing of what apps I've been using a lot lately... 

The majority of apps I have on my phone are travel guides and photo apps. I have loads of Lonely Planet and Time Out travel apps...including ones of cities I've never visited and have no plan of visiting in the near future. (Don't ask.) With photo apps, I was just using using the really popular ones like Lomolomo, Supercamera, ClassicToy and ClassicINSTA, but lately I've been using some others like Instagram (nice effects but I don't like how it forces you to share on Instagram every time), PicToon (I really like the 'cute' effects and speech bubbles...), Retro Camera (not really unique as most effects can be achieved with other apps), FilterFX* (instant change and easy to use effects), Iris* (really cool effects and allows more freedom than other such apps), ArtCamera* (artist-inspired effects - really niceeeee and cute!) and an assortment of other really random apps such as Turbanizer (adds a turban to your head...fancy that???). 
* these are not free apps. 

One particular photo app that I want to share here: 
I really like ArtCamera! The layout's artistic and they have clearly put some thought in it and have designed every part very nicely. You don't see a lot of this in apps - not even the paid ones! *This is a paid one though*

What I love about it is how you can choose artist-inspired effects...there are quite a number to choose from, and they're quite interesting - just don't expect something really 'authentic' - it's just for a laugh! 
You can preview the effect before applying - great so you don't waste time waiting for it to be generated only to find that you don't like it.
I have to say it takes quite long to generate one photo though - but they make up for that by showing you interesting and little known facts while it's loading - again, how thoughtful!!! 
ArtCamera's really the most impressive of all the paid photo apps I've tried so far! Now, onto some really, really random apps...

I had always thought that people who play those online anime games are really weird and childish - now I hesitate to say that, coz I'm no better... just today, I spent all my time on the tube on these apps: 

Donut Maker. Now this is not a new app, but I only downloaded it yesterday...and I was playing with it throughout an hour-long tube journey. First you choose what donut you want to make, then you make it...

You actually need to stir the stuff with your fingers... LOL 

...and use your fingers to roll out the dough

It sounds and looks stupid but you actually need to do something! And it's not all effortless - if you can't cut out 6 whole donuts here, for example, you don't get to the next step. 

Then you fry them until they're golden, and flip them to the tray - if it's burnt you need to bin it. 

Now you've got your donut! Time to decorate it... (the hardest part...) 

another shape I was working on... 

Plating and decoration

Arghhh told you it's hard! I know it's ugly...
Now, after playing with it for an hour or so, I realised how silly it all is - and deleted the app. :)

Apart from the donut app, I also couldn't take my eyes (and fingers) off another 'stupid' app - a Bento app! (Now you see how I really love my food) This one's even more stupid - you don't need to actually create or choose anything, it's just automatically generated for you. There are different items in each bento, so you can close the app and relaunch it and have another bento to look at if you like (which is kind of annoying - can't they just add a 'start over' or 'choose another one' button?). Anyway, here are some of the cute bentos I 'had' today: 

When you tap on the food, it actually shows what kind of food it is and gives a brief explanation. Great for people who have no idea what bento is and don't know the terms for the stuff inside! 

I think they're really cute... do you know what the tricolour thing is called? It's a soboro - now you learn something! 

And then, I used ArtCamera to generate some effects. Really COOL ones I'm telling you!!!

I love how the onigiri (rice ball) has a smile on it! <3 CUTE!!! 

Can you see what's up there...
It's actually chicken katsu!
I've only recently started downloading heaps of apps (random ones) and I would love to know what other interesting ones are out there...any recommendation? :) 

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