Friday, 1 July 2011

Pseudo pesto pasta

I'm no great cook, I'd admit it straight away, and I only really started cooking about one year ago, so there are still heaps to learn! Since I started cooking I've been documenting the food I cook - just like how I also document the food I eat in restaurants, the random stuff I see every day...with my crappy photos. I'm no professional photographer / foodie / cook / makeup artist / fashion or beauty blogger, so please don't judge!

(Phew!) Now that we've got things straight let's get started! Today I made dinner with random stuff that's sitting in the fridge...'British spring greens' (as it says on the packaging) and 15 meatballs.

Let's have a look at the 'spring greens' for those who are as clueless as I am:

Honestly I had no idea what 'spring greens' refers to - I suppose they're long cabbage, just a lot tougher! I tried to have it last night for (Chinese) hot pot but clearly it's not suitable. When cooked in water it's kind of bitter and hard, and I can't imagine how frying it would help. And then it suddenly occurred to me - I can just use it to make pseudo pesto! That way I won't have to chew it... LOL.

So this is what I did:

Cook the pasta first. I used herbs and garlic-flavoured linguine. Smells lovely when cooked. 

Dice an onion. 

Put the cabbage into the food processor until you get something like this. 

Fry the onion first, and after a while put in the meatballs. I do this because the meatballs will release oil  and you won't have to put in too much of it! 

Add 'pesto'  :)

Brown the meatballs, then add the linguine

Ta-da! My pseudo pesto pasta dish! 
I like to think that this is a healthy dish... :) and it helps clear the fridge!

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