Thursday, 14 July 2011

Packing for holiday...miscellaneous 'beauty' items!

I don't know if this is normal but I love packing for holiday! It's a bit crazy how I'm picking items to bring when we're only leaving next Tuesday... @_@ but hey, no one says you can't pack ahead! This way I know what I don't have enough of and can get them before it's too late!

Today I also preordered money from Travelex...will pick up at the airport! So convenient!!! :)

So now, back to the little items I've been selecting! I have a soft spot for miniatures - they look so cute and I just love those little bottles! Of course, I have sachets too - sometimes I get those as freebies with my online orders / inside magazines. I alway save them for holidays!

Bathing stuff. I especially love L'occitane's miniatures - they look sooooo nice, I love the colours of those bottles!  Got all these in Hong Kong - I don't even know where to buy Kiehl's stuff here! The one on the right is Kenzo's shower gel...which has just a tiny bit left. :P 
Some of the shampoo miniatures I'll be bringing. I love these little ones! Bought them in small packs with different types.  It's a French brand - Klorane. Haven't really seen their products around in shops, just online! Supposed to be some natural stuff... I don't really care as long as the bottles look cute! They're tiny! I think one bottle = one use... 
All the hair products. All of them are shampoo except the L'occitane one (top row, second one from the left) and the hair treatment mask sachet, so I definitely need to buy some more conditioner. (I actually have a lot more miniatures, some of which are conditioners, but they're all paired up nicely with their own shampoo so I don't want to separate them!)
All the cleansers: Orbis 'cleansing liquid' and 'mild wash' which I bought in Taiwan (?!); Curel cleansing gel for dry and sensitive skin; Shu uemura's cleaning oil which I got in Hong Kong as a freebie;  ettusais 'acne gentle make off' (makeup remover?) which I also got in Hong Kong. All these are Japanese products! @_@
The only one that's 'local' is the No7 Cleanse & Care eye makeup remover. I got this as part of a gift box back in December...not sure if it's any good as I'm not really a user of No7 products! 
 Hopefully they will be good products...*fingers crossed* I don't know what I'm gonna do if they turn out to be awful!

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