Friday, 15 July 2011

Now, the REAL miniature 'beauty' products for travelling!

I just realised last night that I wrote this new post about miniature beauty products and not many of them are actually beauty-related... :P we NEED shampoo and conditioner as daily necessities after all! Oops...

So here's the stuff I'll be bringing next week... (may be adding more later but these will do for the time being)

Despite the smell, I quite like Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair products. I remember repurchasing the actual product (this is a miniature I got after buying stuff there) a few times before...and it was a few years ago, when I was still very young (early twenties...ha). My undereye area's always been a bit dry, so it's a lovely and much-needed product! 

The moisturisers / stuff like that... sometimes it's quite hard to define what's a moisturiser and what's not!
(bottom row L-R) Lancome Genifique Youth Activator - got it as a gift after buying something. Don't know why I got this!
Estee Lauder Advanced Performance Brightening Essence
Estee Lauder Hydrationist Serum
(middle row) Dior Capture Totale Cream
(top row) Garnier Anti-wrinkle ultra lift firming cream - got this with my online purchase... think it may not be suitable for me, but since my mum's not around I'll just give it a try!
(middle row) The Face Shop Essential Cream - got from Korea trip
I haven't tried any of these products yet, so it's actually a bit risky to bring them on a trip...well, I'll see how they fare, I think I can always get something there if these don't suit me... :P 

SUNSCREEN - much needed when you go on holiday!
(top row) IPSA Sun Protector & Super Sun Block - Japanese brand; I actually don't know the difference between the two!
(top row) Sisley Age Minimizing Sun Care - I'm hoping it's not a tanning product...a bit worried because of the packaging!
(bottom row) Vichy Daily Protective Anti-Pigmentation Fluid, and Vichy Anti-UV Anti-Pollution Daily Ultra Block
-  Again, I can't quite tell how different they really are, apart from the SPF50 and SPF40... 

The 'real' beauty stuff. I don't use foundation on a daily basis, most days when I don't need to go out (e.g. just popping down to get bread) I don't apply anything at all. But when travelling I want to look better... for the photos. HAHAHA
(bottom right) Shiseido Maquillage Foundation (?) - I think I got this last summer in Hong Kong...
(bottom middle) Sisley Broad Spectrum Facial Sunscreen - I wrote down 'foundation-like' there...I think it's what the counter girl told me.
(bottom left) Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer & Light Cream Foundation - hopefully the colour will match my skintone!
(top right) innisfree Mineral Skin B B Cream - got these in Korea, I love innisfree products!!! I bought two tubes of sunscreen there and I'm on the second tube... wish I had bought more!
(top left) Kanebo Fair Crea Foundation - I can't quite remember when I got this. Perhaps it's one of those small samples with magazine subscription? 
I hope I haven't missed anything!!! 

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