Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lyric Hammersmith - A Gloriously Mucky Business

Another LAMDA performance. I had high hopes for this one as last time's Daisy Pulls It Off was soooo good - it's a very delightful and spirited performance, and I can totally see how the slightly cliched script could be done badly but they nailed it! So I was disappointed by yesterday's A Gloriously Mucky Business - an original script, I suppose, for the background is today's London with the Olympics coming up in a year's time. The plot, if there is one, is about what the Westminster council is doing to purge prostitutes from the streets - and two sisters are caught on the opposite sides, with the elder sister being a social worker / council member of some sort and the younger sister a hooker.

I say the performance was disappointing because the pace was too slow at times, and the plot (if there is one...) is a bit boring. Of course, you don't expect a climax in every single play, but at least there should be some kind of message - something that's worth watching? I'm sorry to say that I couldn't grasp anything...

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