Saturday, 16 July 2011

'Japanese' recipes... *sigh*

The Japanese food situation here is really quite depressing. I have heard of a few places here that serve more authentic sushi (as in, made by Japanese chefs and the sushi's handmade properly) but these places are scattered around the city and most aren't in central London. (Okay, I DO understand that you need to venture out for good food...I'm just too lazy. I apologise.) I also know that given the small population of Japanese people in this city, it's understandable why authentic Japanese food is hard to come by. But if you want to promote your culture, you should show people what it actually is all about, right? I can understand places like Wasabi and Samurai selling inauthentic Japanese food (don't even let me start on Wagamama...) because it's what Westerners are used to, but when you are actually promoting your culture, you show people the real deal.

Why am I talking about this? After having unsatisfactory (and absurdly expensive, if not for the Taste card I have) sushi today, I went to do a round of Japanese grocery shopping, and picked up this Eat-Japan magazine. Inside, there are a number of recipes. See for yourself. (Click to view the larger image)

Now, I don't think I need to explain how inauthentic all these recipes are. Of course, certain Japanese dishes are influenced by Western or other cultures, but these recipes are not what I would deem Japanese at all. Linguine with soy sauce? Hello? A rice dish (don) with wasabi sauce? Seriously?

There's so much more Japanese cuisine has to offer. Please, give us the real deal!

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