Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Istanbul - a city of cats

I love cats, but I also fear them sometimes, especially those stray cats you see which stare back at you fiercely when you watch them. And there are plenty of such cats in Istanbul! I was struck by the number of cats we saw in the city during our week-long stay; apparently they are well loved by the locals and tourists alike. I read that cats have a special status in Islam, and Mohammad is known to be a cat lover, so it may be why cats are so loved and tolerated in Turkey. I say tolerated because they rest / sleep everywhere - they really don't give a shit whether they are in your way!

Some cats we encountered (some were found in the weirdest of places):

This guy was in a car which was blocked by the cat. S tried to 'scare' the cat away, but the cat didn't move, so eventually this guy had to come out of the car to take the cat away! 

Thought it's waiting for me to feed it, so I gave it some bread. It didn't like the bread... 

...and then somehow it ended up sleeping under my feet. @_@ I couldn't move! 

Perfect petzzz. They 'breathe'! 

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