Saturday, 16 July 2011

Horrible Bosses... and Bridesmaids, and Hangover II

In my opinion, this film doesn't need any special promotion or marketing strategy coz it's something many if not most people can identify with - horrible bosses! Even if that's not the case, you can always think of some horrible colleagues who totally drain you up on a day-to-day basis. You have one floating up in your mind right now, huh? ;-) 

The film's quite funny, and of course light-hearted too, but I can't help but think it's a bit similar to Hangover (and the copycat *in my opinion* the overhyped Bridesmaids - oh I can't believe I totally forgot to write about how boring it is, despite ALL the great reviews! ) with the three-stupid-guy-friends-can't-stop-doing-stupid-things theme. Perhaps it's just a winning formula... you can't go wrong with it can you, only that this time the fat awkward guy's become the little guy who talks in a high pitch... LOL

Gosh...just now I realised I totally forgot to write about Hangover II and Bridesmaids which I saw some time ago...see just how my memory's failing me, I always forget! Now, just some random things I still remember about them... 

I honestly don't understand how funny it really is. When I was seeing it in the cinema I kept glancing at my watch as I found it too slow at times...and frankly, I didn't know who Kristen Wiig is (I know, slap me, I'm that ignorant) and I just thought, 'Wow, this lady's quite old...why does she get the leading role?'. (Of course it's because she co-wrote the screenplay.) I'm not the only person who find this film boring, apparently - S also commented that the film looks like one which was filmed ages ago and couldn't be released due to some reason, some B-list film if you will. I totally don't understand why everyone says it's funny - I don't find Annie's character funny, perhaps pitiful at times but also annoying - everything in her life seems wrong, and it's only because she allows them to be. You really wanna slap her in the face and tell her to move on and stop acting like the world is against her, but a part of you also think 'God, this is so tedious, who cares about this wrinkled lady?'. I find it hard to come up with a reason why things progress as they do in the film; what exactly makes Annie change her life for the better? Nothing. What's the point of the film? I don't know. The only thing I can see throughout the film is how bitter and jealous she is of the prettier bridesmaid Helen who seems to be able to take care of things way better than her. The only people I find interesting in the film are the British siblings who drive Annie out of the house they rent together (good job) and the fat and fierce bridesmaid Megan who's hilariously aggressive in winning the man she sets her eye on. These people know what they want and they just do it. Annie, move over, you totally bored the ---- out of me. 

So, The Hangover II. I don't really have much to say about the film and the funny bits, just a couple of observations. I've been to Bangkok a few times and I have never seen the Bangkok portrayed in the film -and I wondered if it's real! It looks like some China Town place at least 5 decades ago - and then I googled it and found that Bangkok's China Town is like that. I don't know, it just looks really old to me, like in those period telly dramas... I was so struck by it probably because the Bangkok I saw (and my guess is, most tourists see) is the modern side of Bangkok, with all its shopping malls, cafes, shops, alongside the temples and the palace. I didn't even know there's a China Town in Bangkok! (Silly me.) 

Second observation: the portrayal of Chow. Perhaps some people find him funny but I personally find the portrayal of this Asian guy (I think most people think he's Chinese, with the name Leslie Chow, but the actor Ken Jeong himself is of course Korean.) repeatedly stereotypical and prejudiced. Why do we still have this kind of character? I thought we can do better than this. 

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