Friday, 8 July 2011

First week of July - photo overload!

One week's flown pass already, and we're officially into July - SUMMER TIME! Not sure if we're lucky, it's still around 20°c and the frequent raining makes it so chilly again after a few days' warmth. 

Odd...Lego? Ninjago? Yeah it's that odd! I got a voucher with my phone subscription and everything on that website's pretty I got this. Is anyone interested? I'm happy to give it away. 

On one of those hotter days, I made these. Super easy - jelly with nata de coco. I miss the Del monte star-shaped ones I could get back home though! These aren't cute... and boy, how I miss Robertson's mango-flavoured jelly powder! The jelly powder here sucks...

I didn't eat it. That could have been eaten by a mouse! -__-"

Can't remember how long I hadn't had Ribena with lemon...

Very good seats - not the best we've had but I'm grateful! 

Good ol' Hong Kong-style baked spag. This place never disappoints! 

pseudo-pesto pasta again (see earlier post on how to make pseudo-pesto)

Such a feminine taxi! 

Really like this dim-sum place - though the selection's kind of limited.

Lovin' the different kinds of summer fruit!!!

On those hotter days there were insects in our place...and this became useful! 

Sometimes I just buy stuff because I love their design

Little touches that make you smile

Crackle failure

One warm breezy afternoon...

Quick but yum dinner 

That's totally me - but I've kinda given up already??? 

Lunch one day

Dinner on the same day - there were four different flavours! Cumin, herbs, garlic and curry! YUM...

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