Thursday, 28 July 2011

Favourite food in Istanbul - fresh figs!

It seems that it will take some time for me to finish talking about the trip... :)

One food I'm really happy to have eaten in Istanbul is fresh figs. I had never eaten fresh figs before, but I heard that it's really yummy and good for your health. So I did some googling and wrote down the name of it in Turkish  (incir).

When we were looking for a mosque, we randomly came across a fruit stall. There I saw something that looked like figs, but I wasn't sure, so I showed the stall owner the word 'incir' and asked if that's it. He shook his head, and we left. But somehow I thought that's what it is, so I went back to the stall and bought one.

My first fig - I didn't even know how to 'open' it! I asked the stall owner to show me, and he insisted I did it myself. There's a very thin skin, so technically you don't need to wash it, and after peeling the skin the whole thing's edible.
It's soooooooooooo yum! One costs 1 lira (about 40p). 

Later I bought 500g to bring back to the hotel...they're so yum! 

We saw these purple ones in another market. Sadly, we had many places to visit that day and it'd be too heavy to carry them around - plus they bruise easily, so we didn't buy any. :( 

I would soooo love to try this kind! 

On the last day of our trip, we bought some more before heading to the airport. I have no idea whether it's legal to bring this back, but I did... :P 

You MUST try it if you visit Turkey! I don't know if it's available in other countries, my mum said a friend  treated her to some in Hong Kong, but I don't think it's easily available. Would appreciate it if anyone could tell me where / if it is available in London!!!

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