Monday, 11 July 2011

Eastbourne day trip

We went to Eastbourne with two friends on Saturday. The weather couldn't be better, we were totally enjoying ourselves, only that I was really surprised and disappointed that on a Saturday the shops all started closing at 5pm, and by 6pm basically all shops were closed. Quite a number of restaurants were closed too, which is's a Saturday after all! Well, perhaps it's because Eastbourne is essentially a retirement town... honestly, it's only good for a day trip if you ask me. The only worth visiting landmark / sightseeing spot is Beachy Head, which is about 15 minutes away from the town centre by bus.

Qualisea - one of the famous fish and chips restaurants in Eastbourne

Like Brighton, they have rocks... 'Eastbourne Rock'


Another fish and chips resto close to the seaside

The only decent Chinese restaurant on Terminus Road (the busiest road leading to the seaside). Interesting how the Cantonese pronunciation guide's quite misleading! 

That's the name of the restaurant

Westernised Chinese food... complete with a fortune cookie :) 

Heaps of seagulls in Eastbourne, just like Brighton... (the two are actually quite close to each other)

Rocky beach too! 

The pier, in my opinion, looks a lot more elegant than the one in Brighton

Ahhhh the sand... 

Horrible seagulls attacking...not really, but they're really fierce! 

That poor man looked scared!

Heaven? LOL

Cute doggie!!!

Inside one 'American' restaurant on Terminus Road


Fighting - they're hideous!!! 

One of the birds was angry (prolly lost 'his' food) and was 'screaming'... and then a woman scolded him and told him to shut up. LOL 

A bit human-like... @_@ 

Walking like a human being?! 

On the way to Beachy Head...saw some sheep :) 

We were walking down to the cliff and saw this doggie...cute! 

The lighthouse - one of the highlights of Beachy Head, and the chalk cliff

The sea looks sooo beautiful there, the pic doesn't do it justice!

See how the seagulls are a big part of Eastbourne! 

At the amusement arcade at the pier...

Old people's amusement park apparently! 

Really lovely weather that day...just a bit too windy!

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