Sunday, 19 June 2011

Yes or No - Thai film


Just watched this film which is the first lesbian film in Thailand. I wonder why, coz in a country open like Thailand (think the popularity of ladyboys) I expect homosexual / lesbian themes to be nothing new. Anyway...I have nothing to say about lesbianism, really, as I don't think I'm anyone to judge other people. At the end of the day, we are responsible for what we do but we have no right to criticise or discriminate people.

One thing I like to point out is how I love the art direction in Thai films! There are a few Thai films that I really like, and I can totally imagine myself retiring in Thailand. Hahaha! One interesting observation about Thai people - normally, we think of Thai people as quite a bit darker than Chinese people, as most Thais in HK and Thais we see in Thailand are. But when you watch their films, or even here, the Thai people you see mostly have pale complexion - sometimes a lot paler than Chinese people. I didn't realise this at first, but for some reason I was mistaken as a Thai person a few times here... (duh) and it really bugged me. I mean, which part of me looks Thai??? All I can gather is that Westerners' view of Thai people is quite different from ours, and since most Thai people we've met here are quite 'pale', I suppose it's not as bad a thing to be mistaken as a Thai...though it really sounds very odd!!! @_@

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