Monday, 27 June 2011

What I've been watching lately...Blue Bloods, Lover's Discourse (戀人絮語), Mr & Mrs Single (隱婚男女) and Love & Other Drugs

I didn't really expect myself to love this series, but I did! I think I really love watching police / lawyer / dedective dramas...basically, CRIME dramas. They're so captivating!!! Waiting for season 2 now...


And then by accident I watched two films featuring Eason Chan today...

Was soooo bored by the first half of this first I thought it's just a random combination of a few short stories about love. The first part features Eason and Karina's characters being very 'oi mui' (really can't think of a word for that...) when both are in relationships. It's filmed in a very 'real' way in that it's like it's all happening to really normal people and this is not a film - so what I'm saying is that it's kinda boring, and you think 'Why should I care about these random people?' It's just a bit tedious! The second story is about Kay's character being secretly in love with a doctor who goes to her laundry - she imagines herself being with this guy in the wildest circumstances...quite interesting but a bit silly. Then the third part sees a teenager being obsessed with his friend's mum, and in turn spys over her unfaithful husband so she would leave him. The fourth part - which is kind of interwoven with the third, sees the grownup version of that teenager being told by a girl that their partners are cheating on them, and they kinda play detective by following each other's partner for one night, and instead of finding anything that actually proves their partners' infidelity, they spend that night together in bed as revenge.

The film started out as a really boring one but I was intrigued in the middle by the teenager's obsession with his friend's mum -!

And then I also saw this recent film by the famous HK chick-flick director Patrick Kong (葉念琛). It's not really a HK film coz the cast is mostly from mainland China with the exception of Eason Chan (HK), Rene Liu (TW) and Harlem Yu (TW). The story's kinda silly if you ask me - but I suppose this 'hiding marriage' business is common in China, where being married means you may lose your job / may not be employed at all. Interestingly, from what I read in the papers here, being married and having no kids (yet) also puts you in an unfavourable position in the job market here, and a lot of employers don't hesitate to fire pregnant staff - in a way, this is even worse than HK!


This film is really a let-down. I have no idea what it wants to say - the fact that this guy sells meds has basically nothing to do with the rest of the plot at all...a very, very lame film.


  1. In Love and Other Drugs, AH annoys the hell out of me.

  2. She IS annoying - I don't know what she's doing there, and in fact, I don't know what the whole film's about. But then compared to KK she's still not as bad.


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