Thursday, 30 June 2011

A tech idiot's thoughts on Google+

I FINALLY got invited to try out Google+! Have been hearing so much about it, but no one I know had invitations before today. Anyway, I immediately tested it after setting up an account... and here are some pics and my thoughts - as a Facebook addict and a tech idiot.
* edit: Let me apologise for the poor quality of the pics - and the fact that they aren't screen caps! I'm horrible  - I use Windows on a MacBook so it's very messy and I always forget how to cap screen. That proves what a tech idiot I am! *

This is the layout of Google+ on iphone. Everything's quite clear, and I personally think it's better than Facebook's iphone app. Note that this is not an app, as Google+ doesn't have an app for iphone yet (there's one for Android phones), but this on Safari is quite impressive already! 

The stream - easy to read... (I don't have much there yet as I only have a handful of friends there)

Like with Facebook, you can check in with Google+ 

Sharing on-the-go

This is how it looks on the 'Home' page of Google+. Quite like Facebook, actually...but one thing I like about it is how you can choose your privacy options for every single post, unlike with Facebook where all your posts have a default sharing setting (so you must share everything with the same group of people). 

There are some default groups - friends, family, acquaintances, followers. I love how they differentiate friends and acquaintances - what you share with these two groups of people are indeed very different at times, and this allows you to share different things with one single account! I know quite a number of people who have multiple Facebook accounts because they don't want to share everything with their colleagues / clients / students... THIS, I think, is very handy! 

One thing that's new in Google+ is 'Sparks'. Basically, it's like a built-in Google search, only that it's more systematic.  I've been told it supposedly has a recommendation function too, in that it would, over time, recommend things to you based on your interests. We'll see how successful this is then! 

With your search, you get results like what you get on Google...but I have a feeling that things are 'filtered' and the stuff that shows up here is more useful and relevant to the topic. 
I have to stress that I'm a tech idiot and I haven't read much about Google+ yet, so these are just my personal thoughts after using it for one day! It's a shame that at the time of writing, the invitations have been if you haven't been invited yet you may have to wait a while!

*Edit: some more observations... I like how with G+ you can easily see with a click what you have shared with a particular group, and this function's not available in FB. Also, I like how unobtrusive G+ is - it allows you to share something (photos, comments, basically all your updates) with people who are not on G+, or people who don't want to open an account with Google but would still like to receive updates from you (think older relatives who have difficulty just checking their email every day). This is lovely. *

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