Thursday, 30 June 2011

Seamstress... moi???

One bad thing about being a 'petite' Asian girl here is that the clothes sometimes need altering. I got this long dress a long time ago but didn't have a chance to wear it...and then when I tried it on a few days ago, it's sooooo long (for me) it kind of sweeps the floor when I walk. Bad, bad, bad.

The original dress - great for (most) Caucasians but doesn't do it for me... :( 

I spent the whole afternoon working on it... cut the dress (outer), dealt with the fraying parts with my mum's good ol' method (nail polish), and sewed in the inner part. It took me ages coz after sewing it in, I realised it's longer than the outer part... (duh...) so I had to do it all over again. @_@

What did I do with the bits I cut out? :)

They don't look too good together me thinks... the patterns kind of clash! 

Also tied some on a necklace...

Not too bad, huh? 
 Sewing's definitely not for me...I'm not creative and I'm not good at it! Though I like unique pieces, I think I'd  rather have something designed and then have it made by someone else...


  1. Lovely dress. And lovely necklace!

  2. err.... I just did the same to a dress. The final product wasn't as satisfactory as yours.....

  3. What happened to your dress?

    And you know what, I think here they prefer sweeping - that's how they wear their long dresses, they don't care if people can step on their dress and they don't care it's collecting dirt. Guess my dress is a bit too short now... :)

    Let me know what happened to your dress! Post a pic?


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