Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Random picture post - June 2011

Phew, a month's passed by...soooo quickly! I made a very important decision this month but let's not bore you (and myself) with the details. Just thought I'd post an assortment of pics taken this month! I'm such a snap whore, I take pics of everything!

Cute ay? Taken @ Hackney

Made soba one hot afternoon... we had a few of those this month! 

This month also saw me (well, us) making lobster for the first time! 

Lovely flower in a Vietnamese restaurant in Soho

Random sculpture on Old Brompton Road

Looooove tomatoes on the vine!!! 

I also made bread for the first time in my life... :) 
I've made up my mind to start blogging more seriously from now on, so look out for posts about food, cooking, girly stuff (moving my girly chamber fb mini-blog here!) and more...!

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