Monday, 27 June 2011

Playing tourists... @ M&M London!

It's been there for a while, the site that is, and today we went to the Empire to catch a film (LUURRRVVVE the Empire...) and saw it's finally open!!! Well it actually opened on 13 June...I just hadn't been to the West End for a while! M&M London - with four floors full of everything M&M...

A few pics before anything else!

At the entrance you see this double lovely :)

The store's HUGE...a lot more impressive than all Disney stores I've been to and even better than Hamley's!
These M&Ms have wrinkles :P

Lots of London-themed stuff!

I love my eye for detail. LOL

You can see how M&Ms have evolved throughout the years!

This machine's for you to check out your 'M'... well, basically you stand there for a while and a colour will be generated, with a description of you at the mo.

This guy...he got a BLACK one...and the description says 'You're thinking those nasty thoughts again...aren't you?'

Fiona? ;-)
They have so many such M&M 'sculptures'...everyone was busy taking pics!

Target's clear - mainland Chinese tourists?! (This flagship store's right next to Chinatown)

Ohhhhhh the Beatles...

Isn't this cute??? 

You really wanna get every single colour in your bag!!!
So we spent quite some time in the's huge, and there are so many different products and photo snapping points! Really worth visiting if you're in town... :)

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