Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Brighton trip

I've been to Brighton quite a number of times...and it was S's second visit. Last time we went (in November) it was cold and raining all day long, and most shops were closed... was a bit worried a few days before going coz it was still chilly in London, but the weather was fine the day we went (Saturday), just not very sunny...oh well, can't complain too much, ay?

I was quite excited about it coz the previous week was Brighton Japan Festival - from the programme I was expecting a lot! When we got there around noon, however, we were soooooo disappointed...there were only a handful of booths next to the sushi place Moshi Moshi, and most of the booths sold random knick knacks that I don't care about... it's like the poor part of Portobello Market with (often broken) bric-a-brac if you know what I mean! Anyway...maybe I was expecting too much.

Picture time!

Some girls dressed up as Lolitas...and some other cartoon characters


These girls shared their experience of dressing up as Lolitas on stage

They're the best I think!

Some snacks...not particularly good to be honest. Just stuff you can buy from Japan Centre

The Royal Pavilion's a much nicer surprise compared to the Festival. Didn't expect to see so many interesting 'Chinese' elements there - I actually kind of dig the Anglo-Chinese stuff they have in there, it's actually a lot cooler than 'authentic' Chinese stuff! Was told by a 80-year-old staff member there (we chatted a bit) that the Chinese characters on some doorways and the newly painted Chinese wallpapers were all done by English people - I was thinking they must have hired someone from China to paint all that! The yellow wallpaper (pictured below) is my favourite!

We went to the Royal Pavilion as well - didn't have a chance in my previous visits. It's impressive!!!

These are all secret snaps :P No photos allowed!

I sooooo dig the wallpaper!!!
Some seaside fun...and the rocky beach...


Oh dear...poor Thomas!

We didn't have crayfish, just oysters :)

Call me a country pumpkin but this place sounds scary!

Was quite surprised to see this Alice shop there - I think it's quite new coz I didn't see it in my previous trips! The stuff they sell is quite nice, but of course, the Sheep Shop in Oxford has a lot more... but I quite like the decor of this shop in Brighton!

An Alice shop in Brighton! Really cute decor...

Love the texture of the 'bar table' on the 2nd floor - they're really cards! Creative!

Cheshiiiie!!! :)

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