Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Weird film...Eternal Moments (將愛情進行到底)

I had wanted to see this film before its release - all because of the theme song by Faye Wong and Eason Chan, and the trailer. Now that I finally had a chance to see it, all I can say is that this 'film' (if you can call it that) is just a longer version of the trailer, and the songs are the only saving grace.

The film's divided into three parts, with characters with the same name (performed by Xu Jinglei and Li Yapeng) in all parts playing different characters. The parts have no connection between them, and in between parts are interviews with different couples telling their love stories. The concept itself is okay, but the overall impression it gives is that it's quite incoherent and the stories aren't well-developed. The first one's the weirdest of them all, and the 'special effects' are really too...surreal??? It's just weird. The second story's also a bit weird in that it kind of goes against the overall 'message' of the film - to go all the way in love (將愛情進行到底, the title of the film). The last story...well I think it's already the best among the three, and the kind of open ending gives it a postmodern touch, though I don't really like it...I would much rather have one that's more 'finished' and I think it deserves one.

One thing about the actors - Xu Jinglei being one of the most 'talented' actresses in China, I expect a lot more from her. I think her acting's okay but she's not particularly good in this one. Li Yapeng's quite charismatic in his own ways - he's got the typical (northern) Chinese man's features and it's kind of charming! ;)

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