Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Home alone films: Made in Dagenham, Don't Go Breaking My Heart (單身男女)

Oh I'm not talking about the Home Alone films - just two films I watched at home alone since S's away!

The film's set in 1960s England, when gender equality's still something unheard of, and women were paid significantly less than men and it's regarded as something normal. Quite unimaginable, really, and shows how the world only changes if you dare to protest and fight for what you want!

Rita's speech at the union is moving, and is exactly what I want to ask this country now: Since when has Britain stopped fighting? Well of course we're no longer (like in Rita's context) talking about real war, but things that we should be fighting for - justice, equality...to me, these are absent in this country. No one says anything, let alone do anything, when they see something unjust happening (e.g. people jumping queues); I don't understand that mentality. No one bats an eyelid when men harass you in the street - it's considered something normal, and some women actually seem quite happy about it. Where's gender equality? I mean, I don't think it's something to be taken lightly and I can imagine something similar being treated quite differently in America. I'm not saying America's the standard, and sometimes people do go a bit too far in America to fight for their 'rights', but at least there's this sensitivity and a sense that this is not right. Since when have we accepted things to be bad, and when it's not, we have to be grateful?


Not my usual type of film but I've heard quite a lot about this one - do we call this chick flick? I think so, coz I think only women would buy into this. Who doesn't want the affection of both Daniel Wu and Louis Koo? But...is it possible in real life? ;)

The film's actually pretty good, in my opinion, and I'm of course speaking as a woman. ;) People have been talking about the dilemma faced by the girl in the film - do you choose the man you love more, or the man who loves you more? It's quite clear that she loves Louis' character more than Daniel's, despite the fact that I'd totally fallen for the latter. In the end, she's chosen him as well - and I do think this is what most girls would do!

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