Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Good Wife S2

I can't believe it took me so long to actually start watching this - I mean, I was an avid fan of the first season! I was totally immersed in it... but for some reason that passion for telly just cooled down a bit after coming here. :P So I finally picked it up when S was away and Ant wasn't here yet...and watched perhaps 15 episodes. I wasn't as hooked as before, as I think the tension's not as great as in the first season, and like I said before, J Margulies' performance is at times a bit bland. And I can't stand her hairstyle - at one point I was staring at the screen, asking her 'UGHHHHH I think you can afford a proper hair cut now your hubby's back???' And what's it with Will's new girlfriend - I can't even remember her name now - again, the hair! I think this is not period drama??? How come we have to look at such ugly hair??? HUH???

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