Thursday, 28 April 2011

Some recent films: Thor, Everywhere and Nowhere, Water for Elephants

Nothing much 'in life' to write about lately, as I haven't been doing much since coming back. We now don't go out as often for meals and stuff as often as before, as I can cook more now with the kitchen and the big fridge :) but not as often still means about 3 days a week, hahaha. It's a bit boring to cook at home every day!

A few films we've seen lately:

Interestingly this film's released in the UK earlier than in the States! We saw the 3D version and it's spectacular, though I think these films are quite similar most of the time. Somehow I find this one quite similar to I Am Number Four which we saw at IMAX some time ago. That one's cool too, with aliens, and interestingly the aliens all look quite similar in most of these films! Speaking of that, I've been seeing quite a number of these alien films...hahaha

I'm not sure but my guess is that it's a UK-made indie. The beginning raised my expectation a bit with the discussion of British Indians here not knowing their identity that kind of stuff, and I thought it might be quite interesting, but sadly the film itself is a whole pile of cliche, and cliche done in a very 'amateur' way, to put it nicely. I have the feeling that the film's made by some film student - if that's the case I can kind of accept it, but I won't be rushing back to the cinema to see his other films, to be honest. He's got an interesting (well, kind of, and only to some people) issue to discuss, but he's ruined almost every bit of it. We were just bored to death and I couldn't help rolling my eyes when the equally amateur actors say cliche-ridden stuff. Arghhh. Thought someone here could do a better job in representing second-generation immigrants!

Big names, definitely, and surprisingly good too. Robert Pattinson's actually not bad as an actor, at least not in this film (I haven't seen any of his other performances). The story's gripping, though the details are a bit different from the book it's based on. Casting is great too. Recommended.

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