Saturday, 5 March 2011

The men who stare at goats

It's a Friday night without electricity in (some parts of) Paddington. We were having dinner in the room when electricity went out. Having nothing to do (it's dark outside as the whole area was affected), we watched this film...and it's quite puzzling but at the same time quite amusing!

The film's about the seemingly ridiculous 'psychic spying' in the US army - it's depicted in a totally farsical way in the film, and at different points during the film we were like ' much more ridiculous can this be', but I just looked it up - this study of psychic spying probably does exist in reality! The film's a comical adaptation of a book that studies this 'department' in the US army that is not officially recognised (probably because it really does sound very ridiculous?). At the beginning of the film it says, 'More of this is [truer] than you would believe'. Isn't it!

1 comment:

  1. We watched this film, too. Great cast. But not as funny as the premise promises....


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