Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hamlet the Clown Prince

Went to see this in Hackney Empire the other night. I'm not sure if the area around Hackney Empire's actually THE Hackney, and when we got there it's a bit late and we couldn't see anything interesting in the area. Would have been great if we had been able to visit Hackney Museum before the show! Anyway...

It's a 1.5-hour comedy show, about a group of clowns who want to perform Hamlet, and then of course they have very different interpretations. It's supposed to be funny, I guess, but to be honest I didn't really see anything too entertaining there! The performance begins with one clown talking in some unintelligible language - with a few English words only. We thought it's our problem, but apparently I did a search after the show and it is indeed gibberish with some French and English words. Actually, it's the case in many parts of the show, and one has to be very attentive to follow what the clowns were actually saying. A bit annoying if you know what I mean. I was just constantly reminded of how enjoyable Onassis was - it's a performance that sticks to the mind, and perhaps because we were on the front row!

Anyway...the show's also a bit too long, after about 1 hour I already felt a bit bored. The couple sitting next to me actually kept looking at the time, and then the man couldn't take it anymore and took out his phone to play / text. It's that boring! The second half of the play's really not enjoyable - I couldn't quite follow what the clowns were doing, as it at some point suddenly took a turn and became a bit melancholic... and then S told me the man sitting next to him's fallen asleep. :P

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